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Cross X - Trail Shoe

Cross X Trail Shoes.

High-performance shoe with a 100% wool lining.

Sports Shoe - Red Wool


Our Cross X Trail Shoe is the world’s first high-performance shoe with a 100% Merino wool lining.

The comfort and protection can perform as both a trail shoe or a hiking shoe.

Designed with micro-grip technology and temperature regulating fabric, the Wool Cross X is sure to keep your feet happy on all of life’s trails.

Waterproof Trail Shoe

Waterproof Trail Shoe

With our Sports X you get a water resistant trail shoe on the outside, and moisture proof comfort inside. The Merino wool is more effective at getting rid of odors and dampness than any artificial material. This lining naturally wicks all moisture far away from the foot and neutralizes any bad smells.

Removable Sole

Comfort on the Trail

The Cross X trail shoe is made with 100% wool lining. This natural material keeps you warm in winter and cool in the summer. Our unique sole offers plenty of cushioning, with the option of an extra insole if you need it.

The wool lining also means you won’t need socks with these shoes!

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Trail Shoe Infographic

The Micro Grip Sole

Our unique micro grip sole provides maximum traction out on the trail. The micro-grip outsole is ideal for gripping technical terrain, like slippery or crumbly surfaces.

With a depth of 5 - 7mm the lugs help keep you on the trail in all weathers. Our unique design is made for the trail but feels perfectly comfortable on the road, too. A wider sole offers more stability, delivering a responsive ride and letting you focus on the trail.

Protection when you need it

Our trail shoes protect your feet on rugged terrain. Our shoe offers around a 20mm heel to toe drop with a maximum stack height of 40mm.

The wide toe box and strong toe bumper will protect your toes from bumps on the trail. The high cut of our shoes offer excellent foot protection with room for your ankle to move. Our deep cushioned insole protects you from debris on the trail.

Lightweight Trail Shoes

Our Cross X shoes are up to 50% lighter than other trail shoes on the market, making them an ideal trail running shoe. Weighing as little as 550 grams, or 20 OZ, the Cross X does not compromise comfort and support for weight.

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Add a Splash of color on the trail

Order your Cross X in one of up to seven different colors.

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