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What makes anatomical slippers so comfortable?

After a long day, all you want to do is take off your street shoes and replace them with something more comfortable. But most of the time, socks and slippers don't properly support the foot - the heel may be sore or walking may just be uncomfortable. Does this sound a little familiar? If so, we may be able to remedy it. Comfortable slippers with an anatomical footbed could be just what you need. We explain what such shoes can do, why they are good for your health and which models from the GIESSWEIN slippers collection are involved.

What is an anatomical orthopedic insole?

The anatomical shape of the foot is taken into account in the design of such an insole. During production, the support surface in the shoe is provided with hollows and bumps - from the toes to the heel - in order to keep the position of the foot as natural as possible during wear and to provide sufficient support for the foot. The foot is strongly supported, especially in the arch area. This should ensure a comfortable and pain-free wearing experience.

What are the advantages of anatomical shoes?

1. More stability with every step

Thanks to the supportive properties of the arch of the foot, the foot has ideal stability thanks to the solid support. The shape also allows for a natural rolling movement, which ensures greater stability even when walking.

2. Improved posture and joint relief

The support of the arch of the foot allows the foot to adopt an ideal position. This has a positive effect not only on the position of the foot and leg, but also on the posture of the entire body. Above all, it avoids strain on the knees and hips, which are problematic areas for many people.

3. Shock absorbing effect

In addition to the arch of the foot, the heel is also supported by the anatomical shape and every step is cushioned by the reinforced heel area. A comfort slipper is therefore ideal for painful heels, such as heel spurs or plantar fasciitis.

4. Activation of the foot muscles & stimulation of the blood circulation

The shape of the arch of the foot ensures that the foot is ideally arched and that the muscles and tendons are properly exercised. At the same time, the toes can spread and curl naturally. This ideal position also ensures that the foot receives sufficient blood flow, which has a positive effect on its health. The feet are kept pleasantly warm on the one hand by the improved blood circulation and on the other hand by the heated outer material of the liner. Cold feet and related problems, such as lack of energy, can thus be avoided.

Why shoes with an anatomical footbed?

Every day, our feet take us from one place to another. Whether we sit at the office for hours on end wearing street shoes or are always on the go and walking a lot, our feet are put to the test. It is therefore all the more important to remove this strain at home. While walking barefoot (even with socks) can be a pleasant change for many people, the foot continues to be partially stressed by the lack of support. Walking barefoot can be uncomfortable and even painful, especially if you have heel problems or flat or sunken feet.

"Arch-Support" for your feet - what is it?

If we're talking about flat feet and sinking feet, it's worth taking a closer look at "Arch-Support". "Arch" describes the arch of the foot. This area is a bit problematic for some people. For those with flat or sunken feet, there is little or no arch support and the entire bottom of the foot rests on the ground. This can also lead to the formation of a so-called "arched foot", with a collapse of the inside of the foot. Again, this can lead to other deformities and problems, including in the hips and knees. An "Arch Support" in the arch of the foot can remedy this. Thanks to the relief of the arch, especially in the arch area, this bad position is corrected when wearing shoes with anatomical arch and the problems associated with this bad position are reduced.

Slippers with anatomical arches therefore guarantee maximum comfort for the feet, even at home. In addition to the supportive effect, the slippers also provide a pleasantly warm feeling.

Our top three GIESSWEIN anatomical slippers:

Slipper Veitsch for an easy slip-on feeling

Comfort is one of the most important criteria when designing slippers. Our classic Veitsch may have been part of our slipper line since the beginning, but it has undergone some improvements over time. The result? A warm and cozy premium slipper made of the highest quality virgin wool with a wonderfully stable anatomical footbed. This model can be worn both inside and outside the house without loss of comfort. The semi-open design makes it easy to slip in and out of, while still having enough support to walk safely and smoothly.

Slipper Vent for extra support

In a similar style to Veitsch, the Vent slipper also shines with optimal comfort. In addition to the ultra-soft outer material, Vent also scores with its anatomically shaped insole. A special feature of the shoe is a drawstring with a rubber tongue that secures the shoe to the foot. Elderly people and those who have difficulty moving around will especially appreciate this shoe. In addition to being well attached to the foot, the shoe offers a perfect grip on the ground. Even on slippery floors, the non-slip natural rubber sole still makes a statement. So you don't have to worry about losing your balance or your shoe when you're speeding down the stairs or opening the front door.

Stylish comfort with our Wool Clogs

Our Wool Clogs also offer extra supportive comfort. Thanks to their shape, the arch of the foot rests ergonomically, which has a similar positive effect. In addition, the Wool Clogs have a stylish and modern look that also makes a statement in everyday life and on the street. The cork and latex sole is not only shock absorbing, but also insulating, which is perfect for the colder months!

These comfortable slippers are available for both men and women. The anatomical shape of these models, as well as the natural rubber sole, allow perfect comfort in and around the house. Ordinary feet, flat feet and feet with heel problems feel incredibly comfortable.

Say goodbye to tired, aching feet and feel the proven comfort of GIESSWEIN at home. Give your feet the support they need and get your favorite model!

What are you waiting for? Get your favorite pair and enjoy the cozy comfort of merino wool at home. Share your cozy style with us at @giesswein_ mit #giesswein on Instagram.