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Women's Sports Shoes


Super Comfortable Women’s Sports Shoes

Comfort is the key to enjoying your training. Women’s sports shoes can help you on all your endeavors, whether you’re an avid hiker, or are a novice runner. Our sports shoes for women are made from merino wool, allowing for next level comfort with every step. This type of wool has incredible features that make it ideal for women’s sports shoes:

Temperature Regulating - All of our women's sneakers and sport shoes are temperature regulating. This means that in winter your feet will be kept comfortable and in summer they'll be kept cool.

Water Resistant - Merino wool is water resistant, so you can wave goodbye to getting wet feet in unexpected showers! Our range of women’s sports shoes contains water resistant sneakers, perfect for winter runs! Our hiking shoes are also waterproof - for extra protection in all conditions.

Moisture Wicking - Keeping your feet dry from sweat is essential in a women’s sports shoe. With dry feet, you can push yourself for longer in comfort. That’s why we use moisture wicking merino wool, keeping feet dry all day!

Barefoot Feeling - With interchangeable merino footbeds, you can go sock-free in these sports sneakers. The soft wool allows you to experience barefoot trail running shoes and hiking shoes.

Breathable - Allowing your feet to breathe whilst exercising promotes good foot health, which is why you’ll find our women’s sports shoes do just that!

Odor Resistant - Getting to the end of a sweaty session shouldn’t end in smelly shoes! That’s why our women’s sports shoes are odor-resistant, so you won’t have any nasty smells when you finish your session!

Each of these features draws together to create unparalleled comfort in our women’s sports shoes. With these athletic shoes on your feet, you’ll be motivated to take on each new sporting challenge.


Take on Every Sporting Adventure with Giesswein

Our passion lies in creating sports shoes that help you train harder and enjoy every second of your athletic challenges! Our range of women’s sports shoes has the perfect pair for everyone

Wool Peak - If you’re a keen runner, our Wool Peak women’s running shoes will be your best companion. With our unique Woolfintity material you’ll experience stability on every run. The material these are made from makes them the perfect cushioned running shoes. These women’s sports shoes are also designed to give energy back to you, propelling you forward with every step.

Wool Cross X Alpine - Take on every climb with confidence in our Wool Cross X Alpine hiking shoes. 100% waterproof and with ankle height support, you’ll be able to take on every challenge in ultimate comfort with these women’s sports shoes. These are also extremely lightweight hiking shoes, perfect for year round adventures!

Wool Cross X - Our Wool Cross X sneakers are ideal for those who adore trail running. These are our original pair of women’s sports shoes, perfect for running on every terrain.

Introducing Giesswein Footwear

We are a third generation merino wool footwear brand, with comfort at the heart of everything we do. With a green strategy that ensures no material goes to waste, and that up to 90% of the water we use is recycled. Put your feet up at home after your sessions with women’s wool slippers and men’s wool slippers.