Men’s Sneakers

Sneakers are something that men all over the world put on their feet every single day. They’re an essential part of modern living and it’s important to find the perfect sneakers for you. Giesswein sneakers are made from 100% Merino Wool with EVA soles. Available in a wide variety of colors, we have a sneaker for every outfit and every occasion. From pulling off cool business-casual in the office, to looking good on the dance floor in the evening, they really are a versatile shoe.

So why are merino wool sneakers so good? Merino wool has many benefits, especially when it comes to being used in footwear. With antibacterial properties, merino wool stops bacteria from multiplying so unlike other sneakers, ours won’t end up smelling! Being moisture wicking, any sweat produced will be whisked away to the surface of the shoe where it can evaporate, keeping your feet dry no matter what activity you’re doing! Merino wool is also perfect for all weather as it has temperature regulating properties so your feet will always be at a comfortable temperature, kept cool in the summer and warm in the winter!

The EVA sole keeps the sneaker lightweight and flexible so your shoes won’t be weighing you down and will allow you to keep up with all the tasks modern life throws at you. These soles are shock-absorbing so no matter what surface you are stepping on you’ll be comfortable. As sneakers tend to be our go to shoe, it’s important that they last a long time so we’re not having to constantly replace them, this is another reason why ours use an EVA sole as it is a very durable material that helps shoes last. So why not stay comfortable in a pair of Giesswein sneakers?


About Giesswein Sneakers

Giesswein is a family run footwear company from Austria, currently being run by its third generation. Specialising in merino wool products we not only have men’s sneakers, but also women’s sneakers, and sneakers for kids too. With its unique benefits we know your feet will love our shoes.