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Our Story

The GIESSWEIN Wool Lab – We innovate wool

The Giesswein Wool Lab team develops innovative wool fabrics, which are derived from naturally high-tech materials.


The Giesswein Approach - We treat wool differently.

3D-Stretch: Giesswein’s Merino products are made with our 3D-stretch technique; this is especially evident in our shoes, which are equally as snug as they are stretchy.
Keeps you two times warmer: Merino wool keeps you toasty—it’s two times more effective than traditional fabrics in keeping you warm.
100% virgin wool: Our Merino products are made exclusively of 100% virgin wool, which means that your Giesswein product is made with the finest, softest wool available.
Wicking properties: Sweaty? Don’t sweat it. Our Merino wool can absorb and wick away up to 80 milliliters of liquid.
Antibacterial: Merino wool holds antibacterial properties, which keeps you feeling—and smelling—fresh.

Sustainable Sourcing, Sustainable Production:

0% of our wool is wasted; 90% of our production water is recycled.
In the footwear industry, 20% of scrap material is wasted and thrown away. We’ve found a new way of creating 0% waste during our production process. 


Meet the Experts

Our founders grew up with wool as a part of their everyday lives.
Our mission is to make wool perform in its most optimal way, and to use these properties to enhance your clothing and footwear.
We develop outstanding fabrics which maximize the positive features of wool; our wool is sourced ethically, and our products are produced in-house.