for Women

no moisture
no odor

& extra soft


Indulge in the Benefits of Women’s Slippers

Crafted from soft virgin wool, Giesswein’s women’s slippers boast incredible comfort and benefits. With these wool slippers you’ll crave the daily moments when you can slide your feet straight into them.

  • ● Washable - day to day wear can leave house shoes feeling a little dirty sometimes.
    Whether you’re someone who loves wearing women's bedroom house shoes whilst you relax, or using them as outdoor slippers to explore your yard - it's easy for them to get grubby. Luckily our women’s slippers can be easily machine washed.
  • ● Breathable - keeping your feet healthy should be a top priority when choosing women’s slippers.
    Our naturally breathable slippers allow air to flow around your feet - keeping them fresh.
  • ● Temperature Regulating - women's house shoes should keep you comfy all year long.
    With virgin wool your feet will be kept warm in winter slippers, and at a comfortable temperature when worn as summer slippers.
  • ● Moisture Wicking - ideal as slippers for sweaty feet.
    Our women's slippers are moisture wicking, leaving your feet dry all day long!
  • ● Soft - having that barefoot feeling is vital to really enjoy women’s slippers.
    Both virgin wool offer a softs, luxurious barefoot.

With each of these benefits you’ll enjoy your women’s slippers the moment you put them on. Giesswein puts sustainability at the heart of everything we do, so you’ll enjoy eco-friendly slippers, with no material ever going to waste!

Next Level Comfort at Home

Everyone’s comfort needs look different which is why we have a wide range of women’s slipper designs, with a pair to suit everyone. Each of our rubber sole slippers provides a sturdy base, ideal for use in the home and yard.

Take comfort to the next level with women's sheepskin slippers. These fluffy house shoes for women have a gorgeous soft touch against the skin and are ideal for indulging in for a relaxing self-care evening. The supreme comfort of our women's slippers will beckon you to wear them every second you spend at home.

Ethical Wool Footwear with Giesswein

We are a family-run innovative merino wool brand, specializing in footwear. Share the gift of comfort with our range of men's slippers, also crafted from virgin wool. Whilst our women's sports shoes and men's sports shoes will support you on every adventure outside the home.