for Women

light as a feather
& extra soft


no moisture
no odor

Sneaker for Women

Women’s sneakers are an essential item in every woman’s wardrobe. Giesswein’s sneakers are versatile, comfortable, and practical. They can do it all. Their versatility means you can wear them for almost any occasion, from a quick trip to the store, to a nice dinner with friends. They come in a wide variety of colors so you can also wear them with almost any outfit, from a cute summer dress, to jeans and a tee. In the last few years we’ve seen sneakers become the fashionable choice when it comes to footwear and they are here to stay.

Giesswein’s sneakers are made from Merino Wool. This material makes them extremely lightweight, meaning you won’t even feel like you’re wearing shoes. Merino wool is also temperature regulating, this means that whether you’re wearing your sneakers in summer or winter your feet will stay at a comfortable temperature. But this isn’t the only comfort benefit - the material is also moisture wicking so even if you’re working up a sweat your feet will stay dry! The wool also has antibacterial properties meaning bacteria is prevented from multiplying this in turn leads to better smelling shoes!

That’s not where the comfort ends though! Our sneakers have interchangeable footbeds so you can switch out the insole easily! Whether using one of our merino wool insoles or one of our orthopedic insoles, know that our sneakers will fit perfectly. Due to the merino wool, our sneakers have a barefoot feeling meaning you can skip wearing socks whenever you please. What’s not to love about Giesswein’s sneakers?


About Giesswein Sneakers

Giesswein has a wide range of sneakers. Started in 1954, Giesswein is still a family run business three generations later. We aim to find a balance between comfort and style with our footwear. With a range of shoes from women’s black sneakers, to women’s white sneakers, we know you’ll find a shoe you love!