Women’s Black Sneakers

We’ve designed our women's black sneakers with both style and comfort in mind. Made from merino wool, eucalyptus fibres, and cactus leather, our women's black sneakers will let you take every step in comfort.

Ultra-Comfy Women’s Black Sneakers

A wide selection of our women’s black sneakers are crafted from merino wool. This type of wool is a fabulous choice for women’s sneakers as it provides many unique benefits.

Moisture Wicking - nobody likes to experience damp feet, which is why we use moisture wicking material in our women’s black sneakers. This wicks sweat away from your foot, keeping you dry.

Temperature Regulating - a good pair of sneakers should see you through the full year. With temperature regulating abilities, you’ll be warm in winter, and cool in summer in our black sneakers!

Water Resistant - Water resistant sneakers are vital for wetter climates. Ensuring you aren’t caught unaware by sudden showers!

Odor Neutralizing - being greeted by an unpleasant smell is the last thing you want at the end of the day. The natural odor resistant wool means this won’t be the case in women’s black sneakers!

Barefoot Comfort - merino wool is one of the softest materials around, which means you can experience a pleasant barefoot sneaker feeling.

Breathable - keeping feet healthy should be a top priority. Wearing women’s black breathable sneakers can help support foot health.

Lightweight - not only is the wool in Giesswein women’s black sneakers feather-light, but we also utilise lightweight EVA soles. These EVA soles make for lightweight sneakers that you never want to take off!

Whether you’re after women’s casual black sneakers, or running shoes that propel you forward, we have the pair for you! Amongst our wool sneakers you’ll find women’s sports shoes, as well as sneakers perfect for everyday wear!


Go Vegan in Black Sneakers

As more of us turn toward greener lifestyles, women’s vegan shoes are the ideal footwear choice! Giesswein women’s black sneakers are crafted from two different materials: eucalyptus fibres or cactus leather (this is a type of vegan leather):

Wood Sneaker - made from fast growing and sustainable eucalyptus fibres. These women’s black sneakers are very soft, cooling, and breathable! The Wood Sneaker is perfect as a summer shoe!

Cactus Sneaker - in a classic sneaker shape, our Cactus Sneakers are both comfortable and durable. Crafted from cactus leather, and with an anti-blister heel, you can even wear these without socks!

Whatever your style, we have women’s black sneakers for you! From high tops, to trail running shoes, there isn’t an occasion a black sneaker won’t be ready for!

Introducing Giesswein Footwear

Giesswein is a family run merino wool brand. We specialize in merino wool shoes including both women's and men’s sneakers. If you're looking for a bright pair of shoes to contrast your black sneakers, explore our range of women's white sneakers. When you get home after a long day, slide your sneakers off and step in to warm men's wool slippers and women's wool slippers.