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3D Stretch Tech Wool

Our ultimate knitted superfabric!

Made exclusively of
100% Merino Wool

At Giesswein, our yarns are sourced from and processed by spinning mills in Italy and Great Britain.
One of our terms for our suppliers is that upon each product delivery, we know the wool's origin.
This way, we can be assured that the raw wool only comes from sheep breeders where the animals are not harmed.



Comfort. Redefined.

We treat our wool fabrics differently than other companies, focusing specifically on our treatment of wool and sustainable wool use.
This creates unique fabrics and made of 100% wool with incredible stretch, making them super lightweight and flexible as well as unbelievably comfortable.




Our products are designed to repel and wick away moisture to maintain the perfect foot temperature.
This ensures the feet remain dry and odor free for longer. 


Maximum Comfort

Hyper lightweight, incredibly flexible and stylish, the unique single piece design provides the perfect fit.
The padded foam insole coupled with the super soft upper makes you feel like you are walking on air.