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What Are Giesswein’s Best Sneakers For Flat Feet?

Sneakers for flat feet can help alleviate some of the difficulties that come with finding the right shoes for you. Whilst flat feet does not really cause any problems, it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the activities you love. All you need is an accommodating shoe. At Giesswein, we have a number of sneakers for flat feet. With comfortable shoes, flexible soles, as well as footbeds, we have the shoes for you.


Which Shoes Are Best For Flat Feet?

Flat feet do not usually require any form of treatment. Sometimes it is referred to as fallen arches due to lack of arch and more of the foot touching the ground when walking. It is actually more common than you may think! It is estimated that about 30% of the population have a flat foot. However, it could dictate what you wear on your feet. Whilst having a flat foot should not cause you any discomfort, the type of shoe you wear could do.

which shoes are best for flat feet

Shoes that are best for flat feet will combine a number of elements that make sneakers so great. Personal taste will also come into play but comfort will be key here. You can find out how sneakers should fit on our blog. The shape and size of your flat foot means you do not have to go out of your way to find a special shoe, but you may benefit from something a little wider than average.


Characteristics of Flat Feet Shoes

Not every shoe will be ideal for flat feet. For example, shoes made from harder materials or those with a pronounced heel may not be suitable. When searching for new sneakers, you should consider:

  • A shoe designed for maximum comfort
  • Is the shoe wide enough?
  • Sneakers with a low heel
  • Shoes that offer arch support
  • Room for insoles and footbeds
  • Long lasting footwear options
  • House shoes to wear at home

try a comfortable sneaker for a flat foot

You should consider these points even when looking at shoes for activities. This includes running shoes, walking shoes, trail shoes, as well as everyday sneakers. Flat feet won’t stop you from enjoying running or hiking! All you need is the best shoe for the job.


Which Giesswein Sneaker Should You Choose?

The Giesswein range features a selection of shoes for all sorts. Yet, comfort is at the heart of all our shoes, even with our wool slippers too!

giesswein offers good sneakers for flat feet


Merino Runners: Float through each and every day your day with the Giesswein Merino Runners. The flexible EVA sole gives you the feeling of ‘walking on clouds’ and the interchangeable footbed amplifies this comfort. Our specialist 3D-knit technology also helps each foot fit perfectly. The Merino Runners make the ideal shoe for getting out and about, including jogging and going to the gym.

good running or gym shoes for flat feet

Merino Wool Knit: Just like our Merino Runners, our Merino Wool Knit is super lightweight. You’ll be light on your feet that is for sure! They feature our ‘tried and true’ comfort, as well as a flexible EVA sole which makes walking a breeze. The heel is also incredibly comfortable which helps on those longer days. Ideal for a casual look or pair these sneakers with suits for more of a business feel.

an everyday casual sneaker for flat feet from giesswein

Wool Cross X: Our Wool Cross X is the world’s first high-performance shoe with a 100% wool lining. The micro-grip tech and temperature regulating materials make it a solid choice for trekking the trails. It boasts extreme comfort which makes it perfect for rougher terrain. It even features a merino wool insole that provides long-term cushioning.

the wool cross x is a perfect walking shoe


What Makes the Giesswein Collection so Great?

We pride ourselves on our heritage and our high-quality production of footwear. Merino wool is a fundamental ingredient. Why? It boasts so many benefits that your feet will love from the moment you take your very first steps. Be it our runners, wool knits or even our slippers, we know you’ll enjoy maximum comfort day after day.

merino wool makes the best flat feet sneakers

Throughout the three generations of our company’s family owned and operated business, the environment and combination of wool craftsmanship is at the forefront of our vision. Choosing to use sustainable resources is the only way we do things. We locally produce all of our Giesswein wool products in Tyrol Austria - it is a natural paradise. It’s because of this we’re committed to thinking sustainably.