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2020 Color Trends: these will be the trendiest colors this spring and summer

This year’s spring and summer style will be anything but bland! Flashy colors like red, orange and pink will be trendy. Next to these warm tones, though, blue - the official trend color of 2020 - will also keep going strong.


Classic Blue, the fashion color of the year

“Black’s always in style.” That’s what many of us think when we stand, clueless, in front of our closet. But this year, classic black has some competition. In addition to being modern, blue works especially well in dark tones as it can be paired with almost all other colors. Regardless, other blue tones like pastel, indigo or navy are always a safe bet. Pantone’s 2020 color, “Classic Blue,” is popping up on the shoe trend scene: an absolute must-have this year are sneakers, ballerina flats, and more in these different blue tones.

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A real eye-catcher: bright, warm, colors

Red, orange and pink will be bring some more pep into our style wardrobe this coming season. The most brave will be seen wearing the strong colors from head to toe. If you’re looking to make your outfit more fit for an “everyday” look, opt for colorful accents with single accessories. Is red clothing too bold for your taste? Then try opting for some red shoes. A classic, everyday outfit like jeans and a t-shirt will look great with the extra pep from flame-red or Burgundy sneakers. For elegant looks like a little black dress, pink or red ballerina flats look especially chic.


Natural tones complete the look

For those of you who don’t feel comfortable in bright clothing, we’ve got good news: classic colors are always a safe bet. Beige, grey and white bring calm to your look. Our Giesswein products in white or black look especially nice…and if you’re looking to add a bit of color, you
can mix these natural tones with blue, red or pink.



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You can read more about our sustainability initiatives in this blog article: Green Strategy