Why You Need Cushioned Running Shoes

Cushioned running shoes are the ideal companion for your fitness goals. We all know the feeling of uncomfortable shoes that don’t support your feet. When you’re running, this discomfort is intensified. Choosing the right footwear to accompany your run is essential to keeping you focused on the finish line. With cushioned running shoes, you can reap the benefits of merino wool and find fitness gear that provides protection and shock absorption.



A cushioned running shoe is one that is designed and built to cushion and protect your foot as you run along. Whether running on a stone path, cross-country, or on a treadmill, your feet will experience pressure with each step. Cushioned running shoes are designed to absorb shock as you run, to reduce the strain on your joints. Cushioned running  shoes are shock absorbing, which can help to prevent injury so you can keep focused on the finish line.


Although you can go for a run in just about any shoes or sneakers, it’s important to have the proper cushioned running shoes to look after your feet. Having the right equipment can help you reach your goals and complete your fitness milestones, whether you’re just starting out, or you’re more experienced. Men’s running shoes and women’s running shoes designed to care about your feet will serve you better, and keep you looking forward. Having proper cushioned running shoes can help to lessen the impact of your steps on your feet and joints. If you choose the right pair of cushioned running shoes, you might not even notice you’re running!


  1. Fit - The ideal running shoe is cushioning, flexible, and most importantly, comfortable. It is essential your running shoes fit correctly and look after your feet, but it is possible to find ones that are stylish too. 
  2. Cushioning - The ideal cushioned running shoes have a thicker heel to absorb impact, and a thinner drop at the front to mirror the heel-to-toe movement as you run. 
  3. Barefoot - Your running shoes should complement the natural feel of your feet. Think of your running shoes as an extension of your foot, with an added layer of protection. 
  4. Boosting - Making sure your running shoes cushion your feet as you run is important to give you that needed boost with every stride. 
  5. Materials - Choosing a pair of cushioned running shoes made from materials which provide comfort and beneficial properties is a must. For us at Giesswein, we believe the ideal material for a cushioned running shoe.


Giesswein use  merino wool to provide comfortable footwear designed for ultimate comfort. Merino wool is a super soft  type of wool made by  merino sheep. It’s the ideal material for making comfortable, flexible footwear. It’s especially perfect for a pair of cushioned running shoes, to keep you focused on the path ahead, and not worrying about your feet. Some of the benefits of cushioned running shoes made from merino wool include:

  1. Flexible & stretchy
  2. Breathable sneaker
  3. Moisture wicking
  4. Water-resistant sneaker
  5. Temperature-regulating
  6. Antibacterial 
  7. Odor-minimising
  8. Soft & not itchy
  9. Machine-washable
  10. Durable 

All of these benefits apply to our footwear made of merino wool. You can even  wash merino wool - so if you need to give your shoes a refresh, you can! These natural properties of merino wool make it the ideal material for a cushioned running shoe. 


Having a proper cushioned running shoe can reduce the strain on your body as you run. The  Giesswein Wool Peak is the world’s first merino wool running shoe that gives energy back to you. The midsole of this cushioned running shoe shields the impact of your step, giving you energy back as you run! Your feet are lightly cushioned with every step, and the rubber sole provides a  slip-resistant sneaker no matter the terrain.  

Made from the most flexible, softest wool, this cushioned running shoe is designed to fit you perfectly. The twisted merino yarn turns these sneakers into stability running shoes, keeping you upright and looking ahead. The merino inner lining guarantees moisture-wicking, to keep your feet cool in the heat like your favourite pair of  summer shoes. The temperature-regulating properties of merino wool also mean that your feet stay cosy and warm even if you’re wearing them as winter running shoes. The odor-minimising quality of the Wool Peak also means no matter how far you take them, your  merino shoes don’t smell

These cushioned running shoes feature a comforting rubber sole, so your feet are cocooned with every step. That way, you don’t need to think about your shoes, you can concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other. Be prepared for your next running outing with the Giesswein Wool Peak, and see how far you get!


Giesswein are a family business specialising in foot comfort and sustainability, making sure we align our practises with caring for the planet. We designed our  men’s trainers and  women’s trainers to look after your feet whatever the occasion. For at-home comfort, you can find  men’s slippers women’s slippers, and  kids’ slippers

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