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Different Types of Slipper Explained

Whether it’s winter or summer, slippers are always a necessity to keep your feet warm and protected at home. There are so many types of slippers now that it can be a little overwhelming choosing which is the right one for you. That's why we’ve put together a list of all the different slipper types to help you navigate which are the ones for you!

Keep snug in Slipper boots

One of the most popular types of slipper, are the slipper boots. As the name suggests, these imitate the shape of a boot. This means that the foot is fully enclosed right up to the ankle by the slipper.

Slipper boots are great for people who suffer from particularly cold feet as their enclosed nature helps to keep warm air trapped around the foot. Often these slippers have a fur or soft lining making them extra cosy.

Are Slipper socks the hybrid for you?

Slipper socks are a hybrid of two of our favourite things: slippers and socks! These comfy slippers are essentially a thick sock with a sole. So they’re going to keep your feet snug and protected! They’re commonly made of knitted wool.

If you’re not a fan of the traditional slipper then maybe the slipper sock is for you. Lightweight on your foot and close fitting.

slipper socks are perfect for winter nights

Look elegant in Ballet slippers

With slippers often being designed unisex, sometimes it’s nice to opt for something a little more feminine. This is where ballet style slippers come in.

Cut in the classic ballet flat shape, these slippers are normally a soft or furry material with a bit of stretch. These look elegant and are easy to wear around the house. They’re especially great for summer as the top portion of your foot is still slightly exposed so you can enjoy that warm summer breeze!

Keep it simple with Slip on slippers

Possibly the easiest and most convenient type of slipper is the slip on slipper. As the name suggests, these slippers are super easy to get on and off, they feature an exposed heel but closed toe. All you have to do is slide your foot in and out.

These are perfect if you want something you can put on at a moment's notice, whether it’s getting up in the night to check on your dog, or simply getting cosy as quickly as possible when getting home from work!

keep it easy in slip on slippers

Be prepared for anything in Outdoor slippers

With lots of us still remaining at home, we may be looking for the most practical slipper for our new situation. If you’re alternating between working in your house and working in your garden then an outdoor slipper would be perfect for you!

An outdoor slipper, is a slipper designed to withstand trips outdoors. Their primary  feature is a strong sole up to the challenge of going outdoors to put your bins out, pick some veg from your garden, or just to wander outside for your morning coffee.

It’s especially important that these slippers are also made from warm material to stop your feet getting cold when you go outside in the winter.

be ready for anything in outdoor slippers

Keep comfy inside in House slippers

House slippers are designed only to be used in the house. Unlike those designed to go outdoors, they often have a very soft sole that is only suitable for indoor surfaces. They are extremely comfortable and flexible making them perfect for padding around your home!

If you want to stay extra comfy at home, insoles can make a great addition to your slippers. Not only can they make your slippers fit perfectly, but they can also provide another layer of comfort for you to walk on.

Feel extra soft in Sheepskin slippers

If you’re looking for the softest slippers around then sheepskin slippers could be for you. Often extremely fluffy,  the material gives these slippers a unique feel, cushioning your feet whilst keeping them snug.

There are many benefits to sheepskin, one of which being that it contains lanolin which is an anti-bacterial which helps to prevent your feet from smelling! Like most wool products, sheepskin traps warm air around the feet (so you don’t have to worry about getting cold) and wicks any moisture away to the surface to further keep your feet warm and snug!

Slippers that provide arch-support

A lot of us suffer from flat feet and other conditions that mean we need arch support in our shoes, but what about our slippers?

There is a growing number of slippers that provide arch support, for both men and women, appearing on the market. This is really important as providing support for our feet is essential to keeping them as healthy as possible, and this doesn’t end when you walk through the door at home.

Switch up wool slippers with a cotton alternative

Whilst wool is an amazing material for slippers, not everyone wants their slippers made of it. The alternative comes in the form of cotton slippers.

Being a hypo-allergenic material, cotton is great for anyone who has more sensitive skin. The weave of cotton also allows your feet to breath so you don’t have to worry about overheating feet if you want to wear your slippers during the summer months!

What About Slippers for Kids?

We all want to protect our little ones the best we can and that’s why it’s important to protect their feet. Although there are lots of different styles of kids’ slippers they are often very similar, being a typical shoe shape with a strap across the front to ensure their little feet don’t escape!

Kids can be clumsy but wearing slippers helps to keep their feet safe, with soles providing grip and protection, you don’t have to worry about them accidentally stepping on something painful!

there are many different kinds of slippers

Introducing Giesswein Slippers

Giesswein is a family run merino wool company from Austria. We specialise in producing ethical wool products, using only mulesing-free wool and focus on recycling our water. We create a range of products from wool sneakers, to slippers, to sport’s clothing.

Being made from wool, Giesswein slippers are comfortable and keep your feet warm. The wool traps warm air around your foot and stops cold air coming in. So you’ll know that your feet will be kept snug, even in the coldest winters.