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7 Ways To Style Dress and Sneakers

A lot of the time we want to remain comfortable whilst also looking good and put together, one option for these times is to wear a dress and sneakers. There are lots of choices when it comes to pairing sneakers with dresses, from colour and style of the shoe, to what type of dress you wish to wear.

Can You Wear Sneakers with a Dress?

Yes. Absolutely Yes! Although sneakers are traditionally seen as a more casual shoe option compared to the formality of a dress, the two work very well together. Sometimes you want to wear that brand new dress but don’t want to look overdressed for the situation, we’re talking first dates, brunch with friends, or even just a shopping trip to your local town. Sneakers are the perfect way to dress down any outfit whilst still looking great.

Women’s sneakers pair effortlessly with dresses and it is a really cute way to stay comfortable whilst also looking stylish!

Maxi Dress with Sneakers

When you’re wearing a maxi dress people only occasionally see a hint of your feet peeping out. This is why wearing sneakers is a great idea. Not only do they look super cute when you do get a glimpse of them, but they also keep your feet extremely comfy throughout the day. So whether you’re at home in the garden, or walking miles on holiday, you don’t have to worry about getting tired feet.

sneakers look cute with a dress

Sneakers with a Summer Dress

Sneakers are the perfect way to keep your summer dress casual, whether it’s at work, at a bar with friends, or on a first date. We recommend wearing light colored sneakers to stick to the summer vibes, from white to lavender sneakers, there’s lots of options. Whether you’re sunning it up on the beach, or enjoying summer in your city, sneakers are always a good match for your summer dress.

Wearing closed shoes may sound a little daunting in the hot summer months, but Giesswein’s Merino Runners are made of 100% merino wool. Merino wool is a great temperature regulator, meaning your feet can stay cool all summer long! 

sneakers and dress outfit

Sneakers with a Black Dress

Little black dresses are the staple piece to every woman’s wardrobe, but what’s the best way to dress this timeless classic down? We like to keep it simple with a pair of understated black sneakers. If this still isn’t dressed down enough for you, why not throw on a casual jacket too.

little black dress with sneakers

Sneakers with a Patterned Dress

One cool way to wear sneakers with a dress is to pair them with a patterned dress. When doing this we recommend picking a color from the dress, whether this is the main color or an accent color, and picking sneakers in that color. This will really tie your whole outfit together!

sneakers are a fun item to pair with your favourite dress

Sneakers with a Night Out Dress

Planning on dancing the night away? Then you’re going to want shoes that can keep up! Heels are out when it comes to nights out, and sneakers are definitely in.

We like to keep it simple when wearing sneakers on a night out, stick with white if you’re going somewhere clean (like a cocktail bar), but choose black if you’re going to a club where the floors might be dirty. If you do happen to get your white sneakers dirty, don’t fret! Sneakers can be easily cleaned.

Make a Statement with a Dress and Sneakers

Although wearing sneakers with dresses is becoming the norm, there are still ways that you can make a statement. A really easy way to do this is to wear contrasting colours, such as a purple sneaker with a white-green dress.

have fun making a statement with sneakers and a dress

Can You Wear a Wedding Dress with Sneakers?

Getting married and wondering if you can get away with wearing your sneakers instead of struggling away with high heels? The answer is obviously you can do whatever you want on your wedding day. However we know many people will want to wear more formal shoes throughout the day, so we recommend having a pair of white sneakers in your party kit for when you hit the dance floor. They won’t distract from your gorgeous dress and they’ll keep you going all night long.

Introducing Giesswein Sneakers

Here at Giesswein we specialize in merino wool footwear. We do not believe in waste, so 90% of the water used in the production of our products is recycled, and we do not waste any of our material. Our sneakers are made of 100% merino wool which is odor free, lightweight and wearable without socks.