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Naturally Breathable Slippers

Breathable slippers are a must-have for all. Whether you live in a warmer climate or experience the heat for short spells each year. Having comfortable slippers that allow your feet to breathe, no matter the temperature, is essential for home comfort. Sweaty feet are a common issue that thousands of people endure yearly, but we are here to provide the solution in the form of breathable slippers.

Table of Contents:

What are Breathable Slippers?

Best Breathable Slipper Materials

Breathable Virgin Wool Slippers

Benefits of Breathable Slippers

Breathable Slippers for Sweaty Feet

Breathable Slippers for Warm Days

What Are Breathable Slippers?

Breathable slippers are house shoes that allow your foot to breathe as you wear them. We all know having hot feet can be uncomfortable, especially as the weather gets warmer. Breathable slippers are ideal for people with sweaty feet because they allow air to get to your skin and keep your feet cool and dry. They are especially useful in the summer because your  wool slippers can keep you cool while cushioning your feet. With breathable slippers, you can stay comfortable all year round.

Best Breathable Slipper Materials 

For breathable slippers, the ideal material is one that naturally lets air through its fibres and allows your feet to breathe. When finding your perfect pair of breathable slippers, you want to choose the right material. Slippers often feature materials that cause your feet to heat up, so not all of them allow your feet to breathe once they are enclosed in the slipper. We have found the optimum material for  men’s slippers,   women’s slippers, and  kids’ slippers is virgin wool. Wool is an ideal material to make  eco-friendly slippers that are breathable, cosy, and versatile.

Breathable Virgin Wool Slippers

Virgin wool is a  type of wool taken from a lamb’s first shearing, and is often the softest wool available from a lamb. It is regularly found that as the sheep mature, their wool becomes coarser and not quite as soft. This is why we use virgin wool in our range of breathable slippers because it has fantastic properties. This kind of wool is durable, super soft and  moisture wicking. This makes it an ideal material for breathable slippers. This wool’s natural properties provide cosy, breathable slippers, which are perfect for any time of the year. You will be able to slip your feet into comfort morning, noon and night, all year round. 

breathable slippers can be made from soft virgin wool

Not only is this wool naturally breathable, but it also offers temperature regulating properties. The natural wool is able to provide material for cooling  summer slippers as well as  warm slippers for cold weather. Some of our slippers are also made from cotton, another great material which allows your feet to breathe while feeling cozy.  A benefit like this enables you to wear the same pair of breathable slippers throughout the year, and are the perfect house shoe for feet prone to overheating.

Benefits of Giesswein’s Slippers

Giesswein’s breathable slippers have many benefits designed to serve your foot comfort needs all year round. Our slippers are made with these benefits so that your feet can enjoy dry,  comfortable slippers when you are performing daily activities. From cleaning around the house, to relaxing in front of the fire at night, look for these elements in your next pair of breathable slippers:

  • Temperature Regulating: Temperature regulating properties make the  best slippers for the whole year. The tiny air chambers in the wool fibres keep air close to your feet, allowing them to stay cool during the hotter temperatures. These air chambers are poor heat conductors, so when it’s hot, it’s harder for air to flow through your slippers. Your breathable slippers turn into cosy,  warm slippers easily and effectively, thanks to the reduced air flow. 
  • Antibacterial Material: A fundamental feature to our breathable slippers is that they are made from an  antibacterial material. The virgin wool in our slippers works to prevent bacteria from multiplying and attaching to the surface of the fabric. This also means they are naturally odor minimising too! So even if you are prone to sweaty feet, or you wear them all the time, your slippers shouldn’t smell!
  • Easy to Wash: Before having a pair of breathable slippers, you may have felt the urge to constantly be washing your house shoes to ensure they are clean. With all the natural features virgin wool provides, you don’t need to clean your Giesswein slippers very often. We know that spills and accidents do happen, so it is always helpful to know  how to wash wool slippers at home. Simply pop your wool house shoes into the washing machine and leave to air dry.
  • Moisture Wicking:One of the main benefits to look for in a pair of breathable slippers is  moisture wicking. The fabric wicks excess moisture away from your skin and transfers it to the top layer of the material where it can evaporate. Great for those prone to sweaty feet, your moisture wicking, breathable slippers can leave your feet dry to the touch.

With all these benefits, our wool house shoes are ideal for everyday wear. You can even swap out your slipper insole for a  support insole to make  slippers with arch support to maximise the benefits of your new pair of  breathable slippers

breathable slippers are cosy for roaming in the house

Breathable Slippers for Sweaty Feet

Breathable slippers are ideal  slippers for sweaty feet. Imagine being able to enjoy a coffee in your garden without the uncomfortable clammy feeling in your  outdoor slippers. With the help of naturally breathable slippers, Giesswein can help make that dream into a reality. No more worrying about unpleasant smells and having to wear socks, just sit back and relax. Giesswein makes choosing a pair of breathable slippers easy due to our wide range on offer. Since they are primarily made from soft virgin wool, they allow your feet to breathe due to the natural properties of the fibres. Never again will you have to endure the hot, sticky feeling that comes from sweaty feet when you own a pair of breathable slippers.

Breathable Slippers for Warmer Days

Separate summer slippers to your ordinary pair may be a necessity to some, but it doesn’t have to be the case. Giesswein makes choosing a pair of breathable slippers easy due to our wide range on offer. From slip-on slippers to breathable slipper boots, our selection has something for everyone. Since they are primarily made from soft virgin wool, they allow your feet to breathe due to the natural properties of the fibres. These fibres also wick away any excess moisture from your skin. Leaving your feet dry and comfortable throughout the day. Meaning you can relax comfortably in the garden with a pair of  outdoor slippers, or roam your home in a pair of slip-on house shoes. Never again will you have to endure the hot, sticky feeling that comes from sweaty feet when you own a pair of breathable slippers.

Giesswein Footwear

Giesswein are a family business specialising in foot comfort. We know having comfortable shoes is important, so we designed our  men’s trainers and  women’s trainers to look after your feet whatever the occasion. We also care about sustainability, so we’re using our  Green Strategy to ensure we align our practices with what’s good for the planet.