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How to stay at home in comfort

April 09, 2020

Stay at home slipper

There’s never been a better time to upgrade your slipper wardrobe, says the team at Grazia. To help the world stay inside comfortably, the Grazia team have compiled a list of the most comfortable slippers to wear inside.

The decision for which Giesswein slippers to choose must have been difficult. Do they pick the men’s cotton slippers for working from home, or do they choose women’s wool slippers for comfort and style? 

In the end, it was our popular GLOGGNITZ women’s slipper that caught their attention. Made from High-quality natural materials of lambskin and leather this soft slipper with a slight heel is ideal for staying comfortable inside.

Just in! The writers at Bounce Magazine chose the men’s Ilsfeld slipper as their go-to shoe for home comfort.

Whatever you chose to wear, stay safe!


Women's Slipper


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