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The 5 most beautiful places in our home region: Brixlegg, Austria

Made in Austria—now that’s something we’re really proud of. Our high-quality products including our Merino runners are both developed and produced in our facilities in Tyrol, Austria (in the town of Brixlegg, to be exact.) Surrounded by impressive mountains and crystal-clear lakes, we’re always experimenting with new technologies and products. Our home region’s proximity to nature has strongly shaped the core of our business philosophy from the very beginning. That’s why we hold ourselves to high ecological standards and choose to use sustainable resources in producing our goods—and do so responsibly and carefully.

But enough about us—we want to show you the most beautiful places in our region. So without further ado: here are the places that inspire us most in Tyrol!


Where is Tyrol?

Tyrol is an Alpine region in the west of Austria. It borders Germany in the north, Switzerland in the southwest and Italy in the south. Tyrol, which is Austria’s third biggest county, has an area of 12,640 square kilometers and 754,705 inhabitants. The capital and the city with the highest population is Innsbruck.


Here are the five most beautiful places in Brixlegg, Austria:

  1. The Alpbachtal Valley

  2. Matzen Castle

  3. Rattenberg

  4. Reintaler See

  5. Innsbruck


1. Alpbachtal: Mountains, as far as the eye can see

Brixlegg lies just at the beginning of the Alpbachtal valley, and is also near to the Brandenburg Alps. One of the area’s most noteworthy peaks is the “Gratlspitz,” our hometown mountain. The Gratlzspitz lies between  the towns of Alpbachtal, Wildschönau and the Zimmermoos part of Brixlegg— and from the top, it offers an impressive 360° panorama view of the Hohen Tauern mountain range; the Großglockner (which is the highest mountain Austria); the Brandenburg Alps; and the Zillertal Alps.


2. The Matzen Castle: Medieval Romanticism

Just 3 kilometers away from our production site and the Giesswein Shop itself is the fairy tale-esque Matzen Castle. It was built in the 1200’s at the end of the Römer Street in the Lower Inn Valley. The castle is surrounded by 200,000 square meters of nature called the “Matzen Park", which is one of the most beautiful nature preserves in Tyrol. Its ponds, called the Lion Pond and the Carp Pond, invite visitors to stroll and relax. Plus, for those who are hungry after a walk around the grounds, there’s a lovely restaurant called the Gut Matzen which is definitely worth a visit.

Brixlegg Matzen Castle


3. Rattenberg: Austria’s smallest town

With just 400 inhabitants and a total area of just over 20 acres, Rattenberg isn’t exactly a bustling city. But don’t let its small size fool you—Rattenberg definitely has something to offer for everyone. Its winding, medieval alleyways are sure to enchant and transport you back to the 1300’s. When you take a stroll through Rattenberg’s pedestrian zone, you’ll be delighted by its colorful glassblowing shops. And if you want to learn even more about this fascinating craft, you’ll be able to snag a front row seat and watch as artisans blow the famous Kisslinger crystal glass.

Smallest town in Austria Rattenberg


4. Reintaler See: Dreamy lakes between Kufstein and Kramsach

In the Giesswein office, temperatures often climb high during the summer months. That’s why we so love the many mountain lakes in the area. When the workday is over, it’s a real treat to jump into the Reintaler See or to sit outside and enjoy an ice cream cone—that’s our secret to making it through the hot summer months. Our insider tip for weekend activities: head out for a hiking tour of the Sonnwendjoch mountain, and hang out by the Zireiner See lake and enjoy the breathtaking view.

Beautiful lakes in Austria near Brixlegg


5. Innsbruck: The capital of Tyrol

Just a half-hour away from Brixlegg is Innsbruck, the capital of Tyrol. Its historical old town, impressive views of the Nordkette mountain chain, and cozy shops and restaurants give this small city an extra-special, charming flair. Being bored is impossible in Innsbruck—there’s way too much to discover here.

Innsbruck captial city of Austria near Brixlegg


These are our favorite, personal highlights:

  • Have breakfast in the Bergisel ski jump with a view over Innsbruck.

  • Wander through the old town and visit the “Golden Roof”, a true symbol of Innsbruck.

  • Take a ride through the Nordkette mountain chain on the Hungerburgbahn, a funicular railway.

  • Eat Tyrolian kiachl, a regional dessert, at the Innsbruck Christmas Market.