What Makes a Good Walking Shoe?

As we head into the new year, and all have new fitness goals, make sure you make the right start with a good walking shoe. There are many factors that go into making a good walking shoe, and we’re going to break them down to make your decision that little bit easier!



The most important factor when searching for a good pair of walking shoes is to find a truly comfortable pair. Comfort consists of many factors from support, to breathability, to water resistance. One main point to consider is what fabric your shoes are made from. Our sneakers are made from either merino wool or eucalyptus fibres. Both fabrics are soft yet durable, creating that ultimate barefoot feeling - in fact you’ll be so comfortable you won’t even feel the need to wear socks!


Nobody likes sweaty feet, especially when you’re on a long walk. The natural structure of merino wool lets your feet breath whilst still being insulating. Our breathable sneakers keep feet cool in the summer, and comfortable in the winter. However, if you’re after something a little different from your footwear, our Wood Sneakers are also extremely breathable. 

Pair this feature with both materials’ moisture regulating properties, and you’ll never suffer from sweaty shoes again - even if you’re walking for hours! Even better, the fabrics are also antibacterial, preventing any unwanted odors from happening in your shoes!

Merino Runners Giesswein


Comfort is key when it comes to staying active. We’re far less likely to put our shoes on and go for that walk if we know they’re going to cause us discomfort. One important aspect of staying comfy is having the right arch support for your feet. Not all sneakers come with this feature, but with orthopedic insoles that can be easily amended! Having your feet aligned properly can help keep your joints in the right positions, which can help to relieve strain on them, meaning you can keep walking for longer.


Walking trainers benefit from being lightweight. Our shoes use EVA soles, which are an alternative to traditional rubber soles that are far more lightweight. This means they can keep up with everything you do. Whether that’s a leisurely walk down your local river, or a jog around your neighbourhood. You’ll want this brilliant sole on all of your shoes!

merino runners giesswein

Merino Runners for Women & Men


We’ve all been there: buying a shoe that turns out to be not so great in anything other than fine weather conditions. Whilst you can’t predict the weather, you can choose a shoe you know will survive it every time. Choosing a pair of water resistant sneakers is a simple way to know that whether you’re on a  dog walk, or spending the day hiking, that your feet will remain dry through any unexpected precipitation.

The majority of our men’s and women's sneakers are made from merino wool which is naturally water repellent. So whether you’re after high performance sports shoes like our Wool Cross X, or something more casual like our Merino Runners, your feet won’t be getting damp any time soon!

Wool Cross X Giesswein


Whilst comfort is top of the priority list when it comes to making a good pair of walking shoes. We also appreciate that style is important too. That’s why all of our women’s and men's sneakers are designed with both style and comfort in mind. From black sneakers suitable for the office, to fun animal print shoes perfect for a night with friends, we’ve got a style to suit everyone! 


We are an Austrian family-owned merino wool company. Currently run by its third generation of Giesswein, we create gorgeous wool slippers and shoes. Designed to keep you comfy whatever you’re doing, from relaxing at home, to hiking a trail, we’ve got you covered. 

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