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How to wash Merino wool: tips for caring for your Merino wool products

Washing Merino wool is simple. It means you can care for your products for as long as possible. Merino wool is a natural material with so many great properties which make it an ideal material for clothing and shoes. Thanks to its naturally-occurring properties, washing Merino wool is rarely needed. Its fibres have a scaly structure, which gives it its antibacterial and “self-cleaning” characteristics. If you do need to wash them, then washing Merino wool products couldn’t be easier with our handy guide to washing and caring for your treasured items.

Table of Contents:

Can You Wash Merino Wool?

4 Step Guide To Washing Merino Wool

6 Step Guide To Washing Merino Wool Shoes

Can You Wash Merino Wool?

In a simple answer, yes. Just like other types of wool used in clothing and blankets, washing Merino wool is straightforward and easy to do. In fact, your washing machine probably has a wool setting! You can of course, when washing Merino wool, choose to hand wash your products if you want to be extra careful. Just be sure to use the right kind of detergent. Below we’ve made a step-by-step guide to washing Merino wool and your men’s and women’s Merino shoes

Remember, washing Merino wool clothing or shoes should only be done when it’s absolutely necessary. Otherwise, it’s usually enough just to air them out. Don’t forget to check the item’s tag to see if that particular product has any specific care recommendations.

4 Step Guide To Washing Merino Wool

Washing Merino wool is simple and straightforward. Just like other wool, it needs to be carefully looked after, but it can go in the washing machine. Follow this 4 step guide to washing Merino wool to make sure your wool garments are cared for while you wash them.

  1. Use a Washing Machine for a gentle wash. Wash your Merino item at 30°C (85°F) in the washing machine. Choose the “delicate” or “hand wash” cycle. The most important thing is that the cycle has a slow speed (around 600 revolutions per minute.)
  2. Use normal detergent without Protease (an enzyme) when washing Merino wool. Never use bleach or fabric softener when washing Merino wool. Wash the item with similar colors only.
  3. Make sure that all the zippers are zipped up if you’re washing a Merino jacket or sweater.
  4. Air dry your items. Do not stretch or wring them. Do not put your products into the dryer. You don’t need to iron Merino wool clothing, it’s naturally wrinkle-free!

6 Step Guide To Washing Merino Wool Shoes

If you are thinking of washing your women’s or men's Merino wool shoes, the good news is you totally can. Giesswein wool shoes are machine washable for an easy and quick refresh! Want to know how to wash your Merino Runners, Merino Wool Knit, Wool Cross X or Merino Wool Boots? Here's our step-by-step guide to washing Merino wool shoes:


When washing Merino wool, remove the footbed from your Merino shoes.

washing shoes made of merino wool



Put the shoes and the footbed—alone, without any other items—into the washing machine. We recommend using a mesh laundry bag when washing Merino wool shoes.

merino wool shoes into washing machine



Choose the “wool” wash cycle (cold water - 30°C/85°F, with a low spin speed).

how to wash merino wool shoes



Use wool detergent (without additional enzymes.) Please remember never to use bleach or fabric softener when washing Merino wool shoes.

how to wash merino wool in the washing machine



Air dry the shoes and footbed. Do not dry them in direct sun or by heating them.  Do not put your shoes into the dryer.


Slip into your squeaky clean Merino shoes—good as new!

5 Properties & Benefits of Merino Wool

Merino wool is a great material that we love for all of its amazing properties. Here are just a few of the reasons why we love it:

  • Soft: First and foremost it provides a soft and comfortable material, perfect for making women’s and men's Merino shoes!

  • Easy to wash: We also love that washing Merino wool is easy and means you can refresh your shoes when you need to!

  • Temperature regulating: The wool itself is naturally temperature regulating so your feet stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer! It also wicks moisture away from your feet to help your feet stay dry and cool in the heat.

  • Antibacterial: The fibres naturally prevent bacteria from sticking around so they’re made from antibacterial material. This means washing Merino wool regularly isn’t essential!

  • Odour-minimising: The antibacterial properties mean that even on hot days you don’t need to worry about any nasty smells because bacteria can’t stay long enough for odours to build up. Giesswein say no to smelly shoes!

At Giesswein, we love our Merino wool so much that we make sure none of it goes to waste, and we only use mulesing free wool to ensure it’s as good for everyone as it can be. With Giesswein shoes, it’s never been easier to get comfortable, stylish shoes that make washing Merino wool hassle free.

Giesswein slippers are made of virgin wool, and while they are indoor footwear they might need a wash from time to time. If you’re washing Giesswein slippers you can follow the same steps as when washing Merino wool to give them a refresh and to look after the wool.

Do I need to waterproof my Merino shoes after I wash them?

Giesswein are an Austrian-based family business, specialising in comfortable footwear for the whole family. Whether you’re looking for comfort, style, or a mix of both, we have shoes for you! Choose from men’s trainers, women’s trainers, and kids' slippers. Giesswein shoes make washing Merino wool easy, and our shoes will look after your feet while keeping you looking good.

Don’t have a pair of GIESSWEIN Merino shoes? Learn more here about our comfortable Merino wool sneakers.