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Bring slipper comfort to the streets with these 3 fall looks

Wearing slippers outside? In fall? That’s right! This fall, you can also wear your fine and pleasantly warm slipper clogs on the streets. And not in a homey slouchy look but fashionably styled. In this blog post, we first clarify what clogs are and then show you 3 styles that fit perfectly with the Wool Clog. So you can step through this fall fashion-conscious and comfortable.

What are Clogs?

Clogs are absolute closet must-haves again this fall. Formerly used as a work shoe or in certain cultures even as a dance shoe, the cult shoe has come to us in recent years mainly in and around one's own house to use as a slipper.

The name clogs means "thick piece of wood". In the past, these shoes were made of a wooden sole. Even today, in some cultures, these shoes are still carved from a single block of wood.

Nowadays, there are countless designs and styles. What remains unchanged is that the shoe is closed in the front and open in the back - so you can slip in and out quickly and comfortably. From chunky and traditional to modern, narrow, and stylish, there is everything. There is also variety in the choice and composition of materials. Thanks to the robust sole and chic design, the shoe is not only suitable for indoors. Combined cleverly, it is also perfect for the streets.

The comfortable clog made of merino wool

Although they are primarily intended as slippers, the Giesswein Wool Clogs are also convincing when out and about. The thick sole made of cork latex with natural rubber profile promises not only a super grip but also pleasantly cushions every step. Thanks to the anatomical shape, the foot is ideally supported at the same time and the arch, metatarsal bones and heel are relieved. The upper material is made of breathable yet warming, super soft virgin wool. The felting process gives the wool countless air chambers, which have wonderful temperature-regulating properties. Especially in the in-between season with strongly fluctuating temperatures, the Wool Clog can shine with these properties. Combined in a simple design it is the perfect fall shoe for the streets as well.

3 fall looks for your Wool Clogs

Styling Tip #1 – Blazer & Maxi Skirt

Blazers are all the rage this fall. Whether you opt for a plaid or monochrome one, the blazer is a definite must-have. Combined with a fine sweater - such as a merino sweater - and an ankle-length skirt, you are undoubtedly contemporary on the go. Beige natural tones, in particular, make our Wool Clogs shine. These can provide a wonderful contrast in fiery flame red or a deep ocean blue.


Styling Tip #2 – Long Knit Dress & Coat

Knit styles are also very hot this fall. Whether it's pants, tops or dresses, knit looks can be found in almost every store right now. The long sleeveless knitted dress style with a cozy coat will convince with its comfortable chic. Breathable and at the same time warm enough, it is an ideal outfit for autumn days. Merino wool shines with its thermoregulatory and moisture wicking properties, especially during fall temperature fluctuations. Wool has it all - especially our high-quality merino wool!


Styling Tip #3 – Long Pants & Short Blazer

If you haven't bought a pair of breathable wide leg pants yet this summer, you should definitely go for it. Wide-leg pants are still an essential piece of any wardrobe. Not only do they look incredibly chic, but they're also comfortable to wear and flatter the figure. Jeans in mom cut also continue to win over the fashion world if that is more up your alley. Combined with a cropped jacket, they accentuate the waist and create a nice shape. Wool Clogs then provide a casual yet comfortable finish.


What are you waiting for? Get your Wool Clogs and step through fall in style. Share your style with us via @giesswein_ using #giesswein on Instagram.