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5 Water Resistant Trainers to Keep Feet Dry

Water resistant sneakers are important as we come into the wetter months of the year. There’s nothing worse than stepping in a puddle and having to continue your walk with wet and cold feet. We have 5 water resistant sneakers to make sure you don’t suffer from this problem again!

What Materials Make Water Resistant Shoes?

Our shoes are all made from either merino wool or eucalyptus fibres. The structure of both of these materials mean that they are naturally water resistant. Whether you prefer your shoes to be athletic or casual, we’ll tell you the perfect footwear to keep feet dry!

With white women’s sneakers, and men’s sneakers, we’ve got the perfect water resistant shoes for everyone!

Athletic sneakers for Dry Feet 

For those planning on wearing the athleisure trend this autumn and winter, you won’t find a pair of shoes more perfect than our Merino Runners. As we said merino wool’s structure makes it water resistant, as well as this it is also moisture wicking. This means that not only is water stopped from leaking into the shoe, but moisture from inside, such as sweat, is taken away to the surface.

Whether you want to stand out with a bold colour, like red, or prefer something more classic like white or black trainers. These runners have an option for everyone.

say goodbye to wet feet with water resistant sneakers

Sneakers for Autumn Walks

For a unique look, why not opt for our Merino Wool Knit sneakers? They have a 3D knit which gives them their distinctive design. Despite this different texture they still have all the same qualities as our other footwear to keep your feet dry.

In fact, we believe your feet will be kept so dry that you can go barefoot in these shoes and feel all the benefits of the wool. Available in a range of autumnal colours, you’re bound to find the perfect pair!

wool trainers to keep feet dry

Sports Shoes You Can Use in All Weathers

For those looking for a little outside adventure this winter, we recommend choosing a sports shoe. These are designed to be outside and put to the test. So whether it’s a quick run around your neighbourhood or a long trail run, you know it won’t be ruined by a downpour of rain.

Our Wool Cross X sports shoe is the perfect choice for these times. The surface of these is water repellent and quick drying, so even in the heaviest of rain, your feet should stay comfortable and dry at all times. No water will hold you back from your adventures!

 sports sneakers keep feet dry whatever the weather

Sneakers to Keep Cool & Dry

If you’re planning on being in a more summery climate, you’ll want a trainer that not only keeps feet dry but let’s them breathe in the hotter weather. So whether it’s a stroll by the ocean, or a walk in your local woods, our Wool Sneakers are brilliant. Lightweight, and temperature regulating, your feet will be kept cool in hotter temperatures but will also be protected from tropical rain!

A classic casual sneaker silhouette, these are perfect for everyday wear. Comfortable and with a merino wool footbed, your feet won’t want to go without these ever again!

dance in the rain in waterproof sneakers

Environmentally Friendly Sneakers

If you’re looking for something a little different, then Wood Sneakers could be for you! The structure of the eucalyptus fibres we use in these trainers wicks moisture away from the feet. For those that are environmentally conscious, these are a great choice as eucalyptus trees grow quickly, and we only use wood from controlled, sustainable forests.

keep comfy and dry in water resistant sneakers

About Giesswein

Giesswein is an Austrian merino wool company. Currently run by our third generation of Giesswein’s, we aim to be sustainable as possible using renewable resources such as wood and wool. We also recycle 90% of the water we use. Whether it’s trainers you’re looking for, or a pair of cosy slippers we have the perfect footwear for you!