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Cozy Slippers for Colder Evenings

As we enter into the latter half of the year, nights are beginning to draw in, calling for us to get snug in the evenings and nothing says snug like a pair of cozy slippers. We’re going to show you the best slippers for keeping snug during your evenings.

Cozy Slippers for Women

After getting in from a long day at work, the first thing you want to do is get comfy and warm. Once you’ve changed out of your work clothes and into your pyjamas, your next step is going to be to put on that cozy pair of slippers! Here are our top selection of women’s slippers.


Look Cute with Cozy Slippers

If you want to keep your feet cute as well as cozy then our Cosa slippers are the one for you!

This pair of feminine slip-on slippers have an elegant slimline shape, and are embellished with glittering rhinestones in the shape of a heart. So whether you’re on your own or entertaining guests for the evening, these slippers are perfect for the job! Made from 100% virgin wool, these slippers trap warm air keeping you cozy at all times! The footbed is also interchangeable so you can make sure your feet are as comfy as possible!

feet look elegant in cozy slippers

Slippers to Keep Your Whole Foot Cozy

Sometimes a slip-on style slipper just isn’t quite cozy enough, that’s when a fully enclosed slipper can become your best friend. When your foot is covered from all angles you’ll be as cozy as can be!

Our Vent slipper is the perfect companion for a cold evening. This slipper wraps around your entire foot, keeping everything from your toes to your ankle nice and warm! These slippers are made from boiled wool, giving you top quality material that is both soft and efficient at trapping warm air - keeping your feet toasty and comfortable!

slippers that keep the evening chill away

Cozy Slippers for Men

We know it’s not just women who want to keep cozy in the evenings, that’s why we’re going to show you our top men’s slippers now!


Cozy Slippers for When You Need to Step Outside

Often we find ourselves in situations when we need to step outside in our slippers, these moments are when your slippers can really show you just how warm they can be! Whether you’ve stepped outside to put the trash out, or whether you’re enjoying your morning coffee in the garden underneath the winter sun, our Veitsch slippers are perfect.

Made with a solid rubber sole these slippers provide your feet protection and stability both inside and out. The upper portion of the slipper is made from virgin wool which is temperature regulating, so however cold it is your feet will stay nice and cozy!

Don’t worry if you get any dirt on them whilst you're outside, as all of our slippers can be easily washed!

keep feet warm outdoors in wool slippers

Slippers that Move with You

Whilst having sturdy slippers is great for if you need to leave the house, sometimes you want something that’s a little more flexible, whether it’s so you can easily bend down and play with your children, or just to give you that barefoot and relaxed feeling.

Our Dannheim slippers have a soft natural rubber sole which is flexible and light. This means that you can easily put your feet up on the couch whilst reading a book, or walk comfortably around your house. This slipper has a wool midsole that creates a cushioned barefoot feeling. As with all our slippers, this too is made from temperature regulating virgin wool ensuring cozy feet all evening long!

cozy slippers that keep up with all of life’s tasks

Why are Giesswein Slippers so Cozy?

All of our slippers are made from 100% virgin wool ensuring they are super soft! Wool is a brilliant material for slippers, as wool fibres are a natural insulator, they trap warm air on the inside of your slippers meaning the cool evening air won’t be able to reach your feet and so they will be kept nice and cozy!

To make sure our slippers trap even more warmth, we use boiled wool to create our products. This process not only creates more air chambers to trap warm air, but it also makes the fabric softer, and more durable. This means our slippers feel even better against your feet, and last a lot longer!

We have a large range of cozy wool slippers here at Giesswein, whether you’re looking for a slip on style, something that encases your whole foot, or slipper that keeps your feet warm whilst you pop out to the mailbox - we have a slipper for everyone.