More comfort step by step: the perfect shoe to relieve hallux valgus

Discover ultimate comfort for hallux valgus complaints with our Merino sneakers, for both men and women.

To alleviate the discomfort of hallux valgus and prevent further aggravation, it is important to invest in shoes that fit properly. Look for shoes with a generous toe box that cradles the ball of the foot and reduces pressure on the affected area. The shoes should also provide optimum arch support to promote correct alignment and stability. Good cushioning and shock absorption also help to reduce impact and ensure additional comfort with every movement. Overall, the best shoes for hallux valgus are those that emphasise comfort, support and a snug fit.

Apart from the design and features of the shoes, it is important to pay attention to the material used and the construction. High-quality, breathable materials can minimise swelling and inflammation associated with hallux valgus. Adjustable closures such as laces or straps can also be beneficial to allow for a customised fit and reduce pressure on the ball of the foot.

Choosing the right shoes can make a significant difference in managing hallux valgus and promoting overall foot health. By emphasising comfort, support and a snug fit, people with hallux valgus can find relief and maintain their mobility without sacrificing style. Remember, investing in shoes that fit is an investment in your well-being and long-term foot health.


Ultimate comfort: trainers made from merino wool and knitwear

The Merino Wool Knit trainers from Giesswein offer men and women alike ultimate comfort and style. The unique design with linen stitches gives these sneakers a special look. Made from natural merino wool, they offer temperature regulation and moisture-wicking properties for a comfortable and dry feel, with or without socks. The interchangeable Comfort Foot Bed and ultra-lightweight EVA sole ensure maximum comfort and the perfect fit for normal to wide feet. These knitted sneakers are the ideal choice for all-day wear, without compromise.


Merino Wool Knit for women



Merino Wool Knit for men


Comfortable slippers for hallux valgus: discover the Neudau and Dannheim models

This super-soft slipper made from 100% pure new wool is ideal for people with hallux valgus. The natural properties of wool regulate the temperature of your feet, keeping them warm in the cold and cool in summer. Thanks to the antibacterial properties of wool, your feet will not sweat and remain odour-free. The soft rubber sole is non-slip, light and flexible and sits under a soft midsole made of pure new wool. This creates a perfect balance between a barefoot feel and light cushioning, which provides additional comfort, especially for people with hallux valgus.


  Slipper Neudau


Our stylish woollen slippers, which convey the feeling of walking barefoot, are the epitome of the GIESSWEIN classic and offer an incomparable feel-good experience that you won't want to miss. The DANNHEIM slipper will delight you day after day.

With a simple design, made from premium wool fabric with a mottled look, it offers everything you can expect from a perfect slipper. The non-slip, lightweight and flexible natural rubber outsole ensures a secure grip and is pleasantly quiet. The milled virgin wool fabric gives you a healthy foot climate and warm feet without having to sacrifice the comfort you are used to.

Whether for men or women, this elegant felt slipper from the traditional manufacturer GIESSWEIN has delighted generations with its high level of comfort. Convince yourself of our premium DANNHEIM slipper and experience the luxury of the highest quality and unrivalled comfort for your needs!



Slipper Dannheim


Overall, the right shoes can make a big difference when it comes to dealing with hallux valgus and improving your foot health. From trainers to slippers, carefully selected styles offer relief and style. Remember, it's all about your comfort and support. Invest in high-quality shoes that help you stay mobile and emphasise your personal style. With the right shoes, you can better manage your everyday life with hallux valgus while feeling comfortable and confident.


What do our customers say?


Fantastic shoes. They offer great support and are so comfortable all day long!
Don - ★★★★★
These shoes are a saviour for my hallux valgus. Soft, warm and a perfect fit!
Anonym - ★★★★★

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