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Summer Shoes Guide: Keep Feet Cool & Comfy

Summer shoes will be your best friend throughout the warmest months of the year. They need to be easy to wear, breathable, and above all, comfortable, allowing you to enjoy those longer summer days. Ensuring you wear the right summer shoes is important, which is why we’ve put together this master guide to showcase the best of Giesswein. So, whether you are looking for sneakers to take on your next adventure, or intrigued to see what you could adorn to your next alfresco dinner, come summer your feet could be looking good and feeling good. 

Table of Contents:

What Makes a Good Summer Shoe?

Benefits of Giesswein Sneakers for Summer

What Shoes are the Most Comfortable to Wear in the Summer?

Everyday Summer Shoes for Men and Women

Eco Summer Shoes You'll Love

Level Up Your Summer Sports with High-Performance Shoes

why you need summer shoes and sneakers

What Makes a Good Summer Shoe?

What might come to mind for a typical summer shoe is flip flops or sandals, as they are easy to put on, fit effortlessly into bags, and scream “beach”. However, they may not always be the most practical for all day, everyday wear. Comfort is very much key for long days in the sunshine and should be essential to all shoes for all seasons. We should consider a variety of factors before deciding on a new purchase. For example, we do not want our feet getting all sweaty and sticky now do we? 

Flip flops are often a quick, go-to wardrobe essential. They are usually a first point of call because they do not have a lot of material, allowing the air to flow nicely between our toes. But, what happens when you need to reach for more practical closed toe shoes? Panic may arise that you will be left with hot, swelled, smelly feet, which is not pleasant for anyone. A material like  100% merino wool ensures your foot temperature is regulated. The material has thousands of tiny air pockets to keep your feet cool in the summer but warm in the winter - that is why we love its properties so much! 

Supportive sneakers have grown in popularity as a summer shoe, for both men and women, as they boast arch support that flatter sandals do not offer. What makes a sneaker a great partner for your feet as a summer shoe is that they are easy to style for any occasion. They also offer practicality, which is a priority for long days on your feet. Sneakers give you freedom to spend more time comfortably on your feet, even more so if you choose a pair which possess  EVA soles. More flexible than rubber, EVA material is made from plastic, which allows the shoe to be lighter and more durable, meaning they can last you longer than just one season.

the best summer shoes are breathable

Benefits of Giesswein Sneakers for Summer

We pride ourselves on the benefits that our sneakers provide to everyday life. This is largely down to our production process and the very special materials we use. As part of the Giesswein range, you and your feet can revel in some extraordinary benefits such as: 

  • Temperature regulating merino wool 
  • Breathable design 
  • Moisture wicking so say goodbye to odours 
  • Super lightweight 

Combining all these factors could increase your feet's happiness over the summer, leaving you free to enjoy what matters most. 

Our  lightweight sneaker weighs just 160 grams, which may be hard to believe, but that barefoot feel may be your saving grace in hotter climates. Plus, our  wool sneakers demonstrate the perfect combination of all these elements, and what is even better is that you can wear these without socks! No more worrying about smelly odours as the merino wool is temperature and moisture regulating - a desirable trait in any pair of summer shoes. 

The benefit of all our Giesswein sneakers is that they are made from either merino wool or  eucalyptus fibres. Both materials ensure that your feet will have ultimate comfort, even without socks! As we have said throughout, a key aspect to any summer shoe is good support. When you have a summer shoe that supports your foot correctly, you are able to pursue your day to day activities efficiently, no matter what the activity. 

Which Shoes are the Most Comfortable to Wear in Warmer Weather?

Whether it be a warm spring morning or a sweltering day from dawn to dusk, you’ll want to keep your feet comfortable. Comfort should always be top of the decision-making list and should never be sacrificed. 

Climate and weather at some point throughout the year will impact us in one way or another. A summer shoe that is super comfy means you will be happier spending more time outdoors on sunny and beautiful days right? Yes exactly. From exploring cities to strolling around the countryside, we will want the same level of comfort for any activity. 

enjoy the sun in summer shoes

Our  Merino runners combine 100% Merino wool with a unique 3D stretch technology. As our feet can expand when exposed to heat, this helps provide the right fit, making them ideal both during colder and warmer months. They will keep your feet cool, in hotter climates and keep your feet nice and warm throughout cooler seasons. An advantage of wearing these as summer shoes is that they have interchangeable Merino wool  footbeds. This means that with this extra layer of wool, your foot can experience maximum comfort. 

Everyday Summer Sneakers for Men and Women

When the sun comes out and we feel the rays on our skin, our outfit choices change. The same applies to what we wear on our feet. White sneakers are a staple to any outfit, especially during the summer months. Which is why both  men’s white sneakers and  women’s white sneakers have grown in popularity, and they are not going anywhere anytime soon! 

let feet breathe in summer sneakers

With longer days, lighter evenings, and summer attire that has waited to be worn for months, the trusty white sneaker trend is the perfect addition to any outfit. Whether this be to the office, evening events or wanting to achieve a smart casual look on the weekend, the classic look they bring is very appealing to all. Jeans, dresses, suits - you name it, white sneakers pair fantastically with the lot. Still not convinced on how you can pair your favourite outfit to a sneaker? Our style guide demonstrates exactly  how to wear white sneakers with tips and tricks for all your favourite outfit choices.

Eco Sneakers You’ll Love

Our  Wood Sneaker is a great partner for the summer months as they are made from eucalyptus fibres. A great benefit to using eucalyptus fibres, is they are very cooling in hot temperatures, keeping your skin comfortable even without socks. As well as stylish designs, we ensure that we use completely biodegradable wood fibres, sourced from FSC-certified forests. Meaning you are also supporting sustainability with every pair. Additionally, both men and women’s sneakers are made with an EVA sole, allowing more flexibility than a traditional rubber base. A great benefit of these soles is that they have shock absorption, allowing you to walk with ease this summer. A great travel partner to any near or far adventure you may encounter throughout the year.

look stylish in summer shoes

Level Up Your Summer Sports with High-Performance Shoes 

Summer months are the ideal time to enjoy sports and hobbies. With long evenings that are perfect for stretching legs and unwinding chasing sunsets, a shoe that’ll go the distance will set you up nicely from the start. Whether climbing to new heights on a hillside, or discovering a hidden gem close to your home, the  Wool Cross X is purpose built for the outdoors. It incorporates comfort and practicality, ticking the two most important factors off your list. Temperature regulation and moisture wicking is also at the forefront of its design, just like the rest of our merino shoes. 

About Giesswein 

As a family-owned Austrian wool company, we specialise in stylish, comfortable, 100% merino wool products including  beanies for men and women, as well as  wool slippers