no moisture
no odor

light as a feather
& extra soft

Men’s Vegan Shoes

Planet-Friendly Combined with Premium Comfort

Men’s vegan shoes allow you to walk confidently while treading a little lighter on the planet. From vegan leather to eucalyptus wood, these men’s vegan shoes are here to welcome you into a world of premium comfort.


Lightweight Men’s Vegan Cactus Leather Shoes

Our men’s vegan shoes boast all the great properties of leather, but with a vegan and planet friendly twist. Made from biodegradable cactus leather, Giesswein vegan sneakers are soft, breathable, and made of 100% vegan leather. The cactus used to make these vegan men's sneakers is a natural recycler of carbon, grown in usually inhospitable soil, and only the mature leaves are used to keep the plant thriving.

Extremely versatile, these sneakers are the perfect companion to your closet of ethical shoes. Not only are the materials used for our men’s vegan shoes better for the environment, but vegan leather provides unmissable properties:

Super comfortable

Highly flexible

Extra durable

Timeless look that pairs well with all styles

Lightweight sneakers ideal for everyday wear

Breathable sneakers perfect for warm weather


Choose from a range of colored heels to match your new men’s sneakers with your personal taste. With women's vegan shoes available, everyone can put their best planet-conscious foot forward.


Men’s Breathable Sustainable Eucalyptus Vegan Sneaker

Our men’s vegan shoes are made using responsible materials which take the environment into account. Sustainable eucalyptus fibres are used to ensure our wood sneaker is a men’s vegan shoe that is lightweight and soft. They are made using FSC-certified, sustainable forest sectors. This eucalyptus is sustainable and provides a unique pair of men’s vegan sneakers you’re bound to love.

EVA foam soles won’t weigh you down, whether you’re wearing your men’s vegan shoes to go to the grocery store or for a day out with the kids. Thanks to the advanced grip system, you’ll stay upright with men’s vegan shoes that provide optimal stability. The natural wood fibers are moisture-wicking, which means water is directed away from the shoe, keeping your feet cozy and dry even on a damp day.

Take your pick out of multiple colors and style your new eco-conscious shoes for every activity.

Choose Comfort with Giesswein

At Giesswein, we specialize in combining sustainability with premium comfort. Using our Green Strategy, we’re doing everything we can to align our products, like our men's slippers and women's slippers, with our values for the environment and animal welfare.