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    White Sneakers for Men

    White sneakers for men are the perfect addition to make any outfit look cool and modern. They’ve been a fashion staple for years and we’re not seeing them going away any time soon, so make sure you have a pair of these essential and classic shoes in your wardrobe!

    Our sneakers have an EVA sole, this is an alternative to rubber that is lightweight and flexible, meaning your shoes can keep up with you. Whether you’re wearing shorts with your white sneakers in the summer, or pairing them with a smart work outfit we know you’ll look cool!

     Our merino wool upper and midsoles make our sneakers super comfortable, so much so that you won’t even want to wear socks! But don’t worry about smelly shoes at the end of the day, merino wool’s antibacterial properties stop smells forming. They are also moisture wicking meaning if your feet do sweat, it will be wicked away to the outside of your sneaker! If white sneakers aren’t your thing, we also have men’s black sneakers, as well as men’s sneakers in a number of styles and colors.


    About Giesswein Sneakers

    Giesswein is a footwear company specializing in merino shoes. Founded in 1954, Giesswein quickly became Austria’s largest knit and wool felt producer. We keep the environment and animal welfare at the heart of everything we do. So you won’t find any material going to waste when our sneakers are made. Whether that’s men’s, women’s sneakers, or kids’ sneakers.