Men’s White Sneakers

White men’s sneakers are the perfect companion for everyday, modern style. They’ve been a fashion essential for years and we’re not seeing them going away anytime soon. Perfect with jeans and a tee for alfresco drinks, or suit up for work and throw these kicks on. Your closet should not be without a classic pair of men’s white sneakers! Our men’s black sneakers can have the same effect. Whichever pair you choose, your feet will thank you for the support of Giesswein sneakers.

Men’s White Sneakers for a Classic & Comfortable Fit

Our men’s white sneakers are crafted with high-quality merino wool. Merino wool is found in the upper and midsoles of our sneakers, which is why our shoes are so comfortable. The magic of this fabric means you can happily go sock-free too! But, don’t worry about smelly shoes at the end of the day. The merino wool’s antibacterial properties stop odors forming!
But there is more to enjoy from this fantastic fabric. Giesswein’s men’s white sneakers and women’s white sneakers also boast moisture wicking benefits. The wonders of merino wool wick away excess moisture from your feet leaving them to feel dry and fresh all day long. Never again will you have to suffer from the hot, sticky feeling as a result of sweaty feet. You can enjoy your treks in men’s white sneakers all year round, no matter what the weather is like outside.

Lightweight Minimalist White Sneakers for Everyday Wear

We have designed a super lightweight and minimalist shoe. With a focus on lightweight sneaker production, no more will your feet have to suffer from heavy, clunky shoes that could slow you down. How do we achieve such a feat? With an EVA sole is how! These soles deliver more flexibility than traditional rubber soles and are lighter too. That leaves you free to enjoy whatever the day has in store.
Not only are Giesswein’s white sneakers for men flexible on foot, but you can enjoy extra shock absorption too. With each step, you could absorb more impact without sacrificing comfort. It is with this support that you can truly relish in your favorite outdoor activities and hobbies. Simply lace up these classic men’s white sneakers and you are good to go!

About Giesswein Footwear Sneakers

We specialize in merino and virgin wool footwear. With men's wool slippers and women's wool slippers to keep feet cozy during winter, through to all-season sneakers. The environment and animal welfare are at the heart of everything we do and at Giesswein we don’t let material go to waste. Whether that’s men’s and women’s sneakers, or kids’ sneakers. Our production is sustainable for the whole family.