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    Men’s Wool Peak

    Propel Every Run Forward in Men’s Wool Peak

    Our men’s Wool Peak running shoes are crafted to give energy back to you with each step, propelling your run forward. Made from merino wool, Giesswein men’s Wool Peak shoes have many other benefits as men’s sneakers. The unique Woolfinity® material provides you with both flexibility and stability on your runs. As lightweight running shoes you’ll also feel light as a feather on your feet! The wool is also moisture wicking, keeping your shoes smell and sweat free! Giesswein’s men’s running shoes have a rubber sole that provides fantastic grip on even slippery terrain, allowing you to run through all weathers with winter running shoes!

    Giesswein’s Sustainable Footwear

    We are a footwear brand that designs innovative, sustainable, and comfortable shoes. From our men’s wool slippers, to our men’s vegan shoes crafted from cactus leather, we have shoes for every occasion.