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Sleek, smooth, temperature-regulating and kind to skin. By weaving bamboo fibres, we created a viscose which is soft, durable and good for the skin. Our Bamboo Sneaker socks keep feet fresh and dry thanks to their natural moisture-absorbing properties. Wear winter or summer, as Bamboo Sock's natural environmental adaptation properties keep you cool or warm as needed. Bamboo Sneaker Socks are soft on the skin, causing no irritation, so all day comfort is guaranteed. Another added bonus is the Bamboo Sneaker Sock’s light but durable design, leaving your feet looking ever sleek. Our Bamboo Sneaker Socks are available in packs of three.
Material 80% Bamboo / 18% Polyamide / 2% Elastic
Care Instruction wash at 30°C, no drying machine, no softener
Art.No. 77-02-16904