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Which Beach Shoes are Right for Me?

Beach shoes can ensure that however long your time spent on the shoreline is, you’re comfy throughout. Beaches can range from beautiful white sand, to rocky pebbles, so having footwear that covers you for a mix of terrain is essential. We’ll walk you through the fundamental features of beach shoes and our top picks, so you can have fun by the sea every summer.

5 Essential Features of Beach Shoes 

When choosing beach shoes, it’s important to keep a few factors in mind. After all, the terrain and climate of the coast can often be very different to the city or countryside that you may be used to. Here are 5 top features of beach shoes:

  • Water resistantWater resistant shoes can ensure feet keep dry even with any unexpected splashes!
  • Temperature regulating - Seaside days are often extremely sunny and hot, but your beach shoes should be able to keep your feet at a comfortable temperature.
  • Moisture wicking - For those who enjoy beach sports, such as volleyball, you want shoes that will wick away any sweat. Keeping you playing your best.
  • Barefoot feeling - After feeling the sand beneath your toes you may want to avoid socks. Opting for  barefoot shoes will mean you can enjoy a comfy, sockless experience. 
  • Easily washable - Sand, BBQ ashes, ice-cream and more can make beach shoes get a little dirty. Having  shoes that are easily machine washable means you’ll be able to enjoy them for years to come.

Luckily, all of our  men’s sneakers and  women’s sneakers factor these benefits in. Primarily made from  merino wool, we take full advantage of this wool type’s natural properties. In fact, our beach shoes have other handy advantages too, including being odour resistant so you won’t endure unpleasant smells at the end of a lovely day!

Casual Beach Shoes

If you’re a frequent beachgoer, you’ll want a pair of casual shoes. These will be shoes that you can quickly pop on whenever you fancy a stroll along your local coastline. For the ultimate casual look, opt for a classic cut sneaker. The traditional shape of this  shoe makes it ideal for everyday. This beach shoe would look the part at the skating rink at Venice Beach and is sure to bring California cool to whatever coast it frequents.

beach shoes for the ultimate cool look

For those who love beach sports, like volleyball, you’ll want to opt for a more sporty beach shoe. Choosing an on-trend beach shoe that’s designed for peak performance will ensure you both look and play your best. As being active means being on your feet, you want to choose the  best shoes for standing all day to ensure you remain comfy. 

stay stylish in beach shoes

Beach Shoes for Walking

The coast is a brilliant place to get some outdoor exercise. Whether you’re going for a short run and enjoy the resistance the sand gives you, or are trekking a coastline, beach shoes are a must have. Ensuring you choose a  good walking shoe is the best way to keep comfy however far along the coast your walk takes you.   

the perfect beach shoes for running and walking

Our Best Beach Sneakers

Whilst many may think of sandals and flip flops when they think of beach shoes, that doesn’t have to be the case. Sneakers can also be brilliant footwear to wear to the coast! Whether you simply find flip flops uncomfortable, or are going to a piece of rocky shore, sneakers are the ideal alternative. 

Our sneakers take advantage of  merino wool, using its many benefits to create shoes perfect for the beach! This type of wool is naturally temperature regulating, making it ideal for our  Wool Sneakers. This pair of beach shoes are perfect for nailing that casual cool look. Merino also has the benefit of being naturally odour resistant, so however hot your feet get in our  Wool Knit Sneakers, you won’t be greeted by unpleasant smells once home!

there are lots of types of beach shoes

For those looking for a more sporty beach shoe, our  Wool Cross X Sneakers are our top choice. These are the world’s first high performance merino sports shoes, and they won’t let you down. They benefit from being moisture-wicking, so however sweaty your feet get, they’ll be kept nice and dry in these shoes! As well as utilising the many beneficial properties of merino wool, these beach shoes also have a micro-grip sole. This sole makes them perfect for walks along rocky beaches. If you want to achieve that on-trend sporty look, we also recommend our  Merino Runners. Their sports sneaker shape means they’ll transition from the beach to the city effortlessly. 

It’s important to keep your feet cool on sunny days by the ocean, which is why our  Wood Sneakers are the ultimate beach shoes. The  sustainable eucalyptus fibres these beach sneakers are made from have a natural cooling effect in hot temperatures. So no matter how warm the rays get, your feet will stay comfortable all day long!

beach sneakers will keep you comfy and cool

Beautiful Bridal Beach Shoes

If you’re lucky enough to be getting married on a sandy shore, you’ll need a pair of wedding or bridal beach shoes. For men, we recommend choosing a sleek pair of sneakers in a pale colour such as white to achieve that enviable beachy vibe. For bridal shoes, you may want to opt for something a little more feminine and  ballet flats are the ideal option. They can easily be slipped on and off, allowing you to enjoy the feeling of the sand beneath your feet. Our  ballet flats are made from recycled ocean plastic (otherwise known as  PET plastic), making them the perfect beach shoes for a blushing bride!

enjoy comfort at seaside weddings in beach shoes

Beach Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Experiencing plantar fasciitis and still want to enjoy comfortable feet whilst at the beach? With the help of an insole, all of our shoes can become arch support sneakers, giving relief to your feet. With the help of this insole, finding shoes for plantar fasciitis is a breeze! 

What Makes Giesswein Special?

We are a family run brand that specialises in footwear made from merino wool. We started by creating  men’s slippers and  women’s slippers, and we still do so to this day. We create our products in the most sustainable way possible, so you can feel good in your new shoes, wherever they take you.