Cashmere Beanies



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Women’s Cashmere Beanies

A timeless winter accessory, women’s cashmere beanies keep you cozy in style when the temperature drops. We have cashmere beanies to suit every closet, with slouched designs and a variety of colors available.


Cozy Benefits of Cashmere

Cashmere beanies are made with your comfort in mind. With similar properties to wool, cashmere beanies are designed to keep you warm in style. Whether you’re looking for women’s beanies for your next winter vacation, or to keep you warm on the morning coffee run, you can never go wrong with a cashmere hat. One of the benefits of cashmere wool includes how soft it is. It isn’t scratchy, and keeps you warm and cozy without overheating.

Cashmere has many warming benefits that are similar to the properties of merino wool. The benefits of our cashmere beanies include the fact they are:

Soft, to keep you warm & cozy

Temperatur regulating, to keep you warm or cool

Moisture-wicking & water-resistant, to keep you dry

Lightweight, to not weigh you down & ideal for transport

Breathable, to stop you overheating

Washable, to help you keep feeling fresh

Cashmere beanie benefits make them the ideal companion over the cooler months. Stay warm from head to toe by pairing with winter sneakers when you’re out and about. From a trip to the grocery store, to taking your post to the mailbox, you need to stay warm in style. With cashmere beanies designed for every occasion, you can do just that.



Beat the Cold with Women's Chalet Chic

Step out in style with these cashmere beanies which offer luxurious comfort. Whether you’re making a trip to the store, or out for a walk during the holiday season, you can stay warm and stylish all at once. Pair them to suit your personal taste or with your favorite pair of winter boots for a timeless holiday look. No matter what, our cashmere beanies will look great with the chalet chic outfits in your closet.

Care for your cashmere beanies and keep them feeling fresh by washing them. Follow the same steps as you would for washing merino wool, and they’ll continue keeping you cozy for longer.

Stay cozy all season with your cashmere beanie, whether you’re curled up on the couch with your favorite pair of women’s slippers, or off for an adventure in your lightweight hiking boots. You can even coordinate with a partner or friend in your life with our range of men’s beanies, so you can all stay toasty together.

Choose Comfort with Giesswein

At Giesswein, we specialize in comfort combined with sustainability. We’re using our Green Strategy to ensure our products all align with our values for the environment and animal welfare. From our women’s sneakers, men’s sneakers, and wool slippers you can stay comfortable while treading a little lighter on the planet.